Temporary recruitment

Many companies require temporary staff to maintain existing roles while other employees are absent or to provide assistance in positions that have developed as their business demand has grown.

When a vacancy needs to be filled immediately, long, drawn out recruitment sessions to find the right temporary staff member is not always an option. In some cases it is vital to find a suitable employee who can easily step into a position and help an organisation run efficiently.

As a result, it is important to ensure the correct candidates for the job are matched to companies requiring an addition to their workforce in order to save time and costs.

Poolia recruitment London can carry out much of the hard work for you and thoroughly assess all individuals before recommending them for temporary positions.

This can allow a company to expand and re-shape its workforce without the expense of taking on permanent employees.

Finding the Right Temporary Staff

At Poolia we like to work closely with clients looking to recruit temporary members of staff as well as the candidates themselves to ensure the two will be compatible.

This recruitment approach makes it easier to match a prospective temp with a company based on their career objectives and the skills required by the recruiter.

Prospective temps are provided with coaching and advice from Poolia which can help ensure they are aware of what the company expects and the skills they need to demonstrate.

Poolia offers a thorough screening, testing and referencing service which ensures all our candidates are of the highest quality and are capable of performing in a temporary position.

Filling Temporary Positions in London

When stepping into a temporary staff position it is important temps are flexible and able to adapt to the demands of the role. Organisations could find they require someone due to an unexpected demand in the business or to replace individuals who have taken a career break.

Whichever necessity, Poolia is sure to have a candidate who can fit in with your company and help you continue to perform at a high level.

The recruitment consultants are specialists in their respective business sectors and as such have the skills to match a temporary staff worker with an assignment. In addition, all candidates are fully referenced and tested prior to their CV being submitted to a company.

All temporary staff are available for urgent requirements and Poolia has a bank of people willing to work for varying amounts of time. It is understood that in some cases, individuals are required to undertake adhoc assignments and at other times their services are needed for a prolonged period.

Filling Top-Level Temporary Placements

Finding the right candidate for a temporary staff position at the top level of an organisation can be a challenge for companies as it is necessary to take on an individual with multiple talents.

An employee will need the right skills and experience as well as the ability to work under pressure but, as well as these talents, Poolia also recognises the importance of their attitude and values.

A senior temporary staff member should be able to function efficiently alongside the existing workforce and understand a business' objectives so they can allow an organisation to continue its practices without disruption.

One of the key traits Poolia looks for in individuals being considered for such a role is a strong industry sense and work ethic. They must be flexible enough to adapt to the new job but also bring knowledge and expertise that will benefit their place of employment.

Workforces can be transitory as employees unexpectedly require long periods of leave or vacancies occur through expansion but whatever the reason, it is possible to find a high quality individual to fulfil a top-level position.

For all temporary recruitment needs, please contact Poolia recruitment agency or outline the requirement here and one of the team will be in touch imminently. Or speak to one of our consultants immediately on +44 (0)20 7464 1550.