Permanent recruitment

Recruiting new employees is an incredibly important, highly resource-intensive task - taking significant periods of time to find, select and assess suitable candidates.

Poolia recruitment London has specialised in finding and assessing candidates within a range of key occupational segments since 1989. Poolia's permanent consultants search for, select and interview suitable candidates, after which the most relevant individuals are presented to the client.

Poolia's flexible approach to permanent recruitment enables clients to choose which elements of the service to utilise, from opting for an end-to-end permanent placement process, to purely outsourcing the interview process alternatively, clients can hire a candidate on a "Temp to Perm" basis to retain flexibility for as long as possible through an initial temporary hire.

The Process

Poolia's permanent recruitment process typically runs as follows:

  1. Job specification development (based on needs analysis)
    The permanent placement process begins with a meeting between Poolia's permanent consultants and the client to discuss the position to be filled. The permanent consultant assesses the company's long-term needs and the expertise required for the position in question. He or she also familiarises them self with the client's company's values and culture, in order to guarantee that the candidates presented will fit in at the workplace. The client and permanent consultant then agree on a job specification for the position.

  2. Candidate search
    Candidates are sourced by a variety of means, depending on the specifics of the position to be filled and the expertise sought. For some positions, there may be thousands of suitable candidates, while for others there may only be a few that are appropriate. Poolia understands which methods produce the best results for each situation and tailors the approach accordingly. 

  3. Managing applications
    Poolia handles all administration that arises in connection with permanent placements, which can be a major task when hundreds of people apply for the same job. From writing tailored correspondence to each applicant to fielding candidate questions, obtaining references and informing candidates of whether they have been successful of unsuccessful, the management of the recruitment process can be outsourced entirely to Poolia.

  4. Selection and evaluation
    Using the agreed job specification as a basis, the selection process begins with interviews, various tests and, where appropriate, obtaining references. 

  5. Presentation of candidates
    The most qualified and suitable candidates are presented to the client, who then meets the preferred candidates in person. All candidates presented are carefully tested and selected. 

  6. Conclusion and evaluation
    Once the client and the candidate have reached an agreement and the position is thereby filled, Poolia conducts a post-placement evaluation with both the client and the candidate. This evaluations enable Poolia to undertake a process of continual improvement.

  7. Follow-up
    Once the new employee is settled into the new role, Poolia recruitment agency contacts both the client and the new employee for a review to ensure that all parties expectations have been fulfilled.